Motorized Dolly

A powered hand truck is also a powered or motorized dolly and is a good value on the market for moving loads. Some companies have taken a conventional dolly, which is a versatile and highly maneuverable tool, and attached it to a powerful drive system.

The resulting piece of equipment is a powerful tool. For example, the average motorized dolly is strong enough to move 650 pounds, or 450 pounds up a 2/1 ramp. However, a model of this size would only take up only about 3 square feet of floor space. It could be kept in a delivery truck or trailer similiar to a regular, non-powered hand truck.

Any worker who has ever used a hand dolly or hand truck knows the challenges when moving a heavy object like a refrigerator, cabinet, or desk. The first is scooping or lifting the load and tilting it with the hand dolly. A motorized dolly will facilitate this job. Next is pushing the load. Some motorized carts will propel the load while while balancing it on the dolly’s two wheels.

The hardest work is moving the load up and down vertical grades. These job can cause injuries to people and the load. Some motorized dollies will climb the hills and control descent down a hill.

Some motorized dollies purchased on the Internet require some minor assembly which may take 30 minutes to several hours. Maintenance usually requires plugging it into a 110V wall outlet when not in use. The dollies’ motorized battery powered drive systems are quiet, so they can operate outdoors or indoors without disturbing anyone.