Hand Trucks

A hand truck is fabricated from many different kinds of materials. These materials include tube steel, aluminum tube, aluminum extrusion parts, and sometimes high impact-type plastics. Hand trucks are designed to be rugged and quite light weight. This is because they are used for tasks that are rough on equipment. For example, most beverage and food service deliveries companies utilize commercial hand trucks. These commercial grade hand trucks are almost always designed from at least two extruded aluminum channel side rails and sometimes even cast magnesium or aluminum parts.

Hand Dollies

The phrases or titles “dolly hand trucks, hand truck, hand trucks, hand dollies, hand dolly, or dolly ” may also be used to refer to a sack truck. Sometimes these phrases may also be used to refer to a cart. Now, a cart is a device or vehicle is designed for transportation by normally using two wheels. Sometimes, larger carts may be hauled either by one or a pair of draft animals, like horses, mules, or oxen. Understandably, a handcart is powered, that is pulled or pushed, by one or several people.


This sort of cart is actually divergent from a wagon or dray. This is a heavy transport vehicle which uses at least four wheels and at a minimum two or more draft animals. The wagon or dray varies from a carriage, as the exclusive purpose of this vehicle is transporting humans. Again, the draft animals used for powering carts and related equipment may be horses or ponies, oxen, water buffalo or donkeys, or even smaller animals such as goats or large dogs.

Carts come in varying shapes. They may use a pair of shafts, one of each is positioned along each side of the draft animal which then supports the forward weight of the cart. These shafts may be supported either by a saddle, or, a single pole positioned between the pair of animals. The draft traces may attach to the shafts or axle of the vehicle. In the case of traces, they are attached to a collar, yoke, or harness.