Furniture Moving Equipment

Moving is a long process and one that can be very irritating when you do not have all of the necessary supplies on hand when you need them. Even the smallest of rooms require that you have certain things on hand to move the larger items. Unfortunately many people forget what type of furniture moving equipment they should be using.

Hand Dollies

One of the easiest to use and to get your hands on is a hand dolly. These often come with a truck that you are renting out for your move. These will make it easy for you to move washers, refrigerators, and other types of large furniture. These come in various sizes and the wheels makes it easy to move it from one place to the next.


These will help you to move the wider and longer furniture from different rooms. The slider is placed beneath the legs of a desk or sofa. From there you can slide it easily to the new room or into the moving truck. These help to prevent the floors from being scratched or scuffed.


When packing up a truck you need to have plenty of covers to place over all of the furniture or large wall art. These will often come with moving trucks and you can ask for more if you need it. These will prevent anything from getting scratched or broken during the move and allows you to stack things next to each other.

These various types of furniture moving equipment can be rented out for small and large moves from your local moving company. The cost will vary depending on how large the items are and for how long you will need to use them.