Combination Hand Truck and Dolly

An innovation in hand dollies has now been patented to solve a number of needs for workers moving loads. This is a combination hand truck, dolly, and step ladder device. This unique piece of equipment offers the operator the ability to pickup heavy loads, move these loads by hand easily, or to climb to short heights safely.

This combination hand truck and hand dolly device includes a step ladder on the hand truck frame. The step ladder frame and the hand truck frame are attached to one another. They can be allowed to pivot as desired by the operator and/or can be selected to fix at varying selective angles. So, given the selection of configuration by the operator, with respect to each component, the device can form a hand truck, a dolly, and/or a step ladder.

In the step ladder operation configuration, the top step of a step assembly is secured for safety. The top step is attached safely to a cross member of the hand truck frame. This is done so as to create a locked relationship from the hand truck frame to the step ladder frame into a fixed substantially relationship to each other component.
In the hand dolly operation configuration, the hand truck frame actually becomes the handle for the hand dolly. This handle is actually secured and held in place by a support bar. This support bar attaches in a pivoting fashion to the hand truck frame. This fixed relationship of the two components is then secured for extra protection to the step ladder frame.