All Terrain Hand Cart Dolly

Another recent innovation in hand dollies exists. This innovation is a heavy-duty all-terrain hand dolly. This convertible hauler unit can be affixed to convert into a series different various configurations. This is then easily usable for moving a wide and varying of different kinds of material and cargo.

This all-terrain hand dolly has unique construction. This sort of hauling unit utilizes an elongated chassis having a series of ends, including a first and a second. Just like normal hand dollies, a hand truck-type support load platform or spade is included to one end of the equipment chassis. Much larger than a normal hand dolly, this all-terrain hand truck features a pair of large diameter rubber-tired wheels, relative to the size of the dolly. These larger tires are both attached to the dolly chassis at this same end which is on the opposite side of the load-support platform.

Another feature is a longitudinally-extending handle. This member is attached at what may be referred to as the second end of the dolly frame, when the equipment is used in an erect or upright-type position hand dolly. Another option is for the handle of the all-terrain dolly to instead be attached on the load-support platform. This is placed in a vertical position when the hand dolly is actually being used as a horizontal cart. A third wheel is an added feature which is mounted under the middle of the frame chassis at what is considered the second end of the frame. This occurs when the hand truck is being used as a horizontal sort of cart. A pair of panels running the length of the unit are attached to the frame and may be selected to use in different orientations so that the hand truck can accommodate various sorts of cargo.